Rotary Club of Melcombe Regis, Weymouth

The DES is extremely grateful to the Rotary Club of Melcome Regis which has given generous grants to the DES over a number of years. The Club does not make grants to individuals; instead it gives direct to the DES. We have built up a remarkable partnership with Rotary, Melcombe Regis and the members of the Club know that their hard work in raising money is spent specifically on supporting local young people who are embarking on their first DES expedition and who may need a helping hand to reach their financial target.

I, and Luke Gregory ( Moonlands 2016 ) had the pleasure of doing a presentation to the members of Rotary on Wednesday, 20th January following which we were delighted to have received a cheque for £500 to support individual young people. Luke gave an impressive insight into his preparation for the Moonlands expedition.

Vice Patrons

We are pleased to welcome Toby Stevens, British Columbia 19   as our latest vice patron. Toby is one of a growing number who make an annual contribution of £100 to support the DES in its charity work. As we attract more member schools and colleges the number of grants that we provide increases exponentially. So, we need more vice patrons..please ! The DES may also be able to claim gift aid on your contribution.