Gap Year Opportunities:

The Okhle Village Trust, a registered charity, was set up in 2003 by Richard Backwell MBE. Richard is an experienced Society expedition leader and retired teacher. The work of the Trust is coordinated by Bimal Gurung a local Nepali trek guide. The Trust runs a variety of projects in a cluster of villages in the Mahabharat hills of Northern Nepal. Its aim is to distribute funds, expertise and manpower to enrich the remote communities with which it has close ties. All efforts to support these communities are sustainable and ethical.

I learnt so much in my time away and a had a magnificent time doing fieldwork. I would definitely recommend what I did to anyone, for a gap year or expedition.

Stuart Lansdale – Gap Year Student

Projects to date have focussed on water supplies, access roads, education and social development.


Ongoing projects include

In 2013 the following projects were completed:

  1. Gahateri water Project ( funding provided by Casterbridge Rotary Club)
  2. Ashari Water Project (jointly funded by the Trust and RWE)
  3. Building of the Kot Guan Community Centre ( Designed and funded by Ramboll)

In 2014 the following projects will hopefully be started or completed:

  1. Completion of building of 12 toilets in Okhle (8 completed in 2013)
  2. Building of second 20,000 litre tank at Raipali
  3. Water harvesting off the roof of the newly built Community Centre at Kot Guan
  4. Building a 20,000 litre water tank at Madkina
  5. Building a 30,000 litre rectangular tank at Ghaleguan with a water supply to the Community Centre
  6. Construction of a 30,000 litre rectangular tank at Raile together with 1500 metres of water pipe and 5 stand taps ( to be jointly funded by Portland Rotary, Casterbridge Rotary and the Trust ).

In December 13, Wey Valley School made a start in digging out the foundations for the new tank at Raipali.

  1. The sum of £6400 will be sent to Bimal in early February 14. This will enable work to either continue or begin at Raile,Madkina and Raipali.
  2. The project at Raile £4000 will be jointly funded by Portland Rotary, Casterbridge Rotary and the OVT
  3. The project at Raipali will be jointly funded by Wey Valley School and the OVT
  4. Supporting teachers and proving resources in local primary and secondary schools.

Gap year and bespoke expeditions can be arranged through Richard and the Society.

For further information see

(The Okhle Village Trust – Charity No. XT26588)