What expedition for you?
We offer a range of expeditions to suit the type of person you are.
Our very latest trips are on the expeditions page
The Kenya and Nepal expeditions include Community work.

You can expect to pay between £400—£2500 depending on the type, length and destination of the expedition.

First step—Applications
Read through the details, find an expedition that you would like to apply for and download an application form. Send the form, your deposit and 4 passport photos direct to the leader, who will contact you to arrange your selection weekend. These are usually held in October and December for expeditions leaving the following Summer.

How do I contact a Leader?
All Leaders have provided their contact details on the full details for each expedition (see expedition page) They will be happy to speak to you if you have any queries about the expedition or selection process.

When does it take place ?….Usually October or November but selections have taken place beyond for late applicants provided the expedition still has vacancies

The Brecon Beacons, Dartmoor or Dorset. The expedition leader makes the decision about where to hold the weekend.

How much is selection?
It may vary from expedition to expedition but £50 is the usual non refundable fee and provides you with food, accommodation, transport from Weymouth to the destination and insurance.

What will I be expected to do on selection?
Selections may differ from expedition to expedition. Leaders have their own ‘’style’ but all work to the same aim, namely, to build a successful team from a bunch of largely unknown individuals from all parts of the UK. On selection the leaders, to a greater or lesser degree, will push you physically and mentally. For a weekend, you will be out of your comfort zone; the leaders assessing how you deal with the challenges put before you. If you are a team player with good social and communication skills,can naturally go the ‘extra mile,’ show initiative and leadership, can deal with temporary hardship, have, and can maintain, a sense of humour, then you will be offered a place.

Can I withdraw at any time during selection?
Yes. The leaders will brief you before the start of selection. It is worth making the point however that some competent individuals have withdrawn believing that the expedition would be as tough as selection. Selection is about assessing your qualities over a limited period of time and may seem very ‘stressful’.
Candidates who withdraw normally remain for the duration unless arrangements are made for that person to return home.

When will I know if I have been successful?
You will be de-briefed at the end of the weekend.

If I have been unsuccessful, and there is one, can I attend another selection for the same expedition? 
No, the team of leaders has vast experience and make their judgment after due consideration. They will inform you of their reasons in the de-brief. In very exceptional circumstances, ie, an injury, then the expedition leader may consider another selection for you. If you have not been offered a place the expedition leader may suggest an alternative DES expedition that may be better suited to you.

Do I have a right to appeal if I am not happy with the leaders’ decision?
We have a duty of care to ensure that each individual has successfully met our stringent health and safety criteria. We have a 100% safety record on expeditions and this is due to our selection and subsequent training programmes. The expedition leaders will not alter their decision even if an appeal is lodged.

How will I know what kit to bring?
A kit list, joining instructions and consent forms will be sent to you soon after your application form and selection fee is received. Consent forms must be returned before the selection weekend. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification from the course.