Our focus is to support the development of young people. Alongside our major expeditions we are active in promoting adventure and exploration opportunities in the UK. We are fully committed to the principle of inclusion. In doing so we recognise that many young people in most need of outdoor experiences are often the least able to ask for them, or indeed, recognise their worth. Many of these children have been let down by adults to the point that they lack trust in anyone, including themselves. These young people have probably the most to gain in growing self-confidence.

For many years we have supported members schools and other organisations to help ‘raise the bar’ for their students, who lack self-esteem and underachieve both socially and academically.

We Offer:

  • Generous annual grants to member schools, colleges and clubs to support their inclusion programmes.
  • Advice to schools to establish their own adventure programmes.
  • Our young leaders to staff UK expeditions.
  • To work in partnership with other providers to create more opportunities for all young people regardless of their circumstances.