What Is The Dorset Expeditionary Society?

The Dorset Expeditionary Society is a voluntary organisation and a registered charity founded in 1986 to promote leadership and personal development opportunities for young people through adventure, expeditions and exploration.

The Society (DES) challenges young people to raise their aspirations. We are committed to offering and facilitating outstanding outdoor adventure experiences.

Every young person in the United Kingdom should have the opportunity to take part in adventurous outdoor activities.

Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine, Leader, 1953 Everest Expedition

  • We are dedicated to developing leadership through safe, responsible yet challenging expeditions.
  • DES is committed to equality of access to, and involvement in outdoor adventure at all levels. We provide grants to our member organisations to support young people overcome exclusion from adventurous activities due to financial or other circumstances.
  • DES sees the personal qualities of service, self sufficiency, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, loyalty and teamwork as essential elements of good citizenship.

We provide challenging opportunities for young people to develop leadership through active involvement in communities both in the UK and aboard.